Who we are?

Therootbit is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for the everyday citizens. Even though there has been a lot of progess done in the field of technology, a lot needs to be done to use this technology that can help address day to day chalanges of common people. We at Therootbit envision to make every bit of the technology help people at the root of the society

Founded by a group of friends who started by scribbling their ideas on a old news paper, today we work to offer smart, innovative solutions to people across the social strata.

We believe this is our give back time now to community. We describe our team as mix of ...


Smart, energetic, enthusiasts who love to enjoy living on the edge. Curious & strategic thinkers with a vision beyond the horizon.


Practical, dedicated, fact-minded yet reliable and caring individuals. Excellent managers who always try to get things done while eager to help.


Bold experimentators, masters of mutliple traits and tools. Risk takers and always eager to try some thing new.

Our Areas of Focus

Introduction of IT in areas of Public Transportation, Agriculture, Native Language Tools, Rural Connectiviy are a few primary focus areas we have started with. Of course this is going to be a continuous process of exploring the new focus areas as we work closer and understand the foundation ecosystem deeper.

Our Innovative Solution

At Therootbit, we believe that our futuristic solutions will soon become one of the ground breaking catalyst in transforming day to day lives of common people. We have only just started, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude. Continue following us and get updates on all there is to know about the smart solutions behind our successfull initiative.

Our Consulting Portfolio

We as a company follow the Cloud First policy for our own IT Platform. Our own IT platform and solutions are 100% cloud native. While we use our cloud expertise for building our own solutions, we also offer highly reliable and expert Microsoft Azure cloud consulting services to our clients cusotmers too.

Our Azure certified consultants have the right technical expertise needed to assist enterprises in moving to cloud. Our expertise includes Technical Solution Assessment, Azure migration and modernization, Azure Cloud Support, DevOps & Automation , Microsoft Security and Best Practices. Read more...

Our Product Portfolio


A modern & intelligent Vehicle Tracking and Management application to help transport owners efficiently manage their fleet. Learn More...


A commuter companion application with realtime bus schedule and live tracking. It helps commuters find different bus routes, stops and bus timings in one place. Learn More...

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